Don’t quit your daydream


11127507_838435092626_3057152432333613770_nWhile we’re still daydreaming about a life of near self sufficiency on a homestead, we’re making do.  In the winter here in Massachusetts, there’s not much to do in terms of homestead chores.  We winterized the coop, put up our very first low tunnel and now, we wait. We’ve been teaching I (3.5) to make yogurt, which he thought was pretty cool “science.” Eric learned to use his pressure canner (also pretty cool science) and I’m still trying to get the bread from the bread maker to last long enough to use for sandwiches without going stale.  G (12 months) has recently discovered the taste of scrambled eggs and is eating every egg we collect. We’re working on using up what’s in the freezer for veggies (mostly tomatoes and a lifetime supply of leeks.)  And we’re planning.  I’m ordering seeds this week & I’m pretty excited to get some things out in the garden now that we have some protection from the weather.  Since it was 50 degrees today, in mid-January, it’s hard to imagine there will be much more snow, but I’m sure we will see it soon enough.

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