Garden Update

These last few months have been spent in preparation for this.  Many a night has been spent planting, watering, and repotting our tiny seedlings.  I can’t wait to get everything in the ground and start enjoying the fruits of our labors.

We are in zone 6a, which means we’re pretty clear to start planting everything out-of-doors by Mother’s Day.  This has been a particularly cool spring so we opted to wait until June 1st to get things really moving.

I get very antsy this time of year.  I want to fast-forward time just a few weeks so we can start eating out of the garden.  We have quite a bit growing out there already.  Our sunchokes have started to come back (we never actually ate any last year, but 2016 is the year of the sunchoke!  You heard it here first.) and our herb garden is in full use with mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, lovage, and chives all doing quite well.  We also have peas and fennel in, as well as some carrots and our garlic from the fall.

Our newest addition is this monstrosity: a potato tower!  Of Pinterest fame, the potato tower was my Mother’s Day gift.  I could not be more excited and thrilled at the prospect of growing potatoes out of compost and chicken wire.  Here’s a tutorial from Mother Earth News if you want to try one out.  I am very much anticipating harvesting those potatoes!

The only thing I didn’t add that I wanted to try was sweet potatoes.  2017: the year of the yam!   We have low tunnels and raised beds, so I’m hoping we can extend the season Eliot Coleman style and make it happen.  Here’s a great post from Shephard’s Hill Homestead about growing them:


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