Be Brave My Lamb

I am feeling a little muse-ey tonight. It’s raining and I am having a “sleepover” with my baby boy, who somehow is four years old. He’s snoring away, and I am feeling a little misty eyed wondering how many more snuggly nights like this there will be. So since I’m feeling sentimental, I thought I’d share a few stories! 

On being brave: 

I struggled hard with math in school. All the way through, it never came easily to me and it was a confidence KILLER. In senior year, I finally had this incredible math teacher. He was patient, kind, and he actually made math pleasant. (Side note, I love math now so fear not, math-strugglers! It gets better.) Anyway, whenever we were preparing for a big test, or encountering a new concept,  this teacher would always say “Be brave, my lambs,” which was so comforting and wonderful. At the end of the year, he always gave the seniors pencils that had “Be brave my lambs” stamped on them which was a super sweet move that made everyone (or maybe just me??) ugly cry. Whenever I encounter a difficult moment, I really do think of that phrase and it always makes me smile and remember that I can do difficult things. Cheesy? Definitely. Helpful? 100%. 

Story time #2! Right before I decided to simplify and stay home, I had this thing happen that really solidified that I was on the right journey. One night I was a conference call with a senior advisor who has been very successful in his life. He said (in reference to a totally unrelated situation) “If the only thing holding you back is fear, it’s probably the right move. Being afraid is not a reason to delay action.” This wise man talking business could not have known the impact of those words, but they were exactly what I needed to hear. As a person who struggles deeply with anxiety, this was advice that was hard to follow but I am so grateful that I did! 

What are you afraid to do? Does fear ever hold you back? Do you also have a “Be Brave My Lamb” pencil circa 2001?? 

Happy Friday! 

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