(Sub)urban farming

I thought it might be helpful to lay out the current state of Wicked Small Farm and how we tackle producing food on our little quarter-acre.


Home size: 1050 square feet

Lot size: .25 acres cleared, .25 uncleared woods.  (YES that is ZERO POINT TWO FIVE!)

Gardens size: 400 or so…I’ll measure sometime soon!

# of chickens: 6

Purchased in: 2009

Inputs: Chicken food, hay, seeds.  We only use the compost pile to fertilize so it’s a good healthy cycle. The chickens eat the scraps from the garden, the kitchen, and their own food.

This year we put away (pressure canned, canned, dried or froze):

25 pints of tomato salsa

25 pints of salsa verde

30 pints of tomato sauce

25 quarts of crushed tomatoes

So many dehydrated tomatoes. I don’t know the best way to measure these but it’s about a gallon dried.

2 pints of frozen pesto (we ate all the basil.)

Lots of herbs

8 half pints of gooseberry jam

Next year the plan is to expand even further.  I would like to get 25% of our food from the garden in 2017 and I’ll be doing a better job of weighing and measuring for next year.

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