Farm Days

This picture is from last year but I love it! 

We are all enjoying such wonderful warm November days here at WSF.   I feel incredibly blessed to guide these two little people as they explore the world.

Farm Update:  Egg production has STOPPED for a few days.  Hoping this is a seasonal shift and not a signal that our girls are getting too old to lay.  We harvested the last of the summer garden and are anxiously awaiting winter greens.  So, this weekend we headed off to the farmers market near us in Pawtucket, RI.  We are so lucky to have this amazing market near us. Next time I’ll try to take pictures to share.

Being at the market reminded me of an important lesson- you don’t have to do it all.  We are trying to raise as much food as we can, but we’re so happy to be able to supplement our efforts with those of larger, more experienced farms and support them.   This week we bought:

A lollipop (gotta keep the kids happy!)

3 lbs of carrots for pickling (YUM, can’t wait until those are ready.)

2 lbs beets

1 watermelon radish

Locally caught flounder & smoked bluefish

Apples & delicious apple cider.

We have been taking our kids here every winter since infancy. The best part was watching our oldest (now 4) talk to the vendors, pick out fruits and vegetables knowledgeably, and even try some new foods (cow’s milk chevre & so.many.pickles.)

Then we had lunch at the food trucks (not cheap but so yummy) parked outside & headed home.

Purple carrot love!

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